Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why the WWE brand split is a bad idea.

Hey guys.
This post is for WWE fans who are aware of the brand split.

Now the brand split was done to give superstars a chance to be on TV weekly, by dividing the roster. Now this has honestly done more harm than good. We're still seeing the same stars every week. while their are some we haven't seen in awhile and have forgotten about. Then, they said it would allow new match ups. Yet, we are still seeing the same matches every week. They seriously did not think this through. Like, this isn't a bad idea if done right.
Another thing is the fact that they did to make Raw and Smackdown watchable. But, all they've really done is made Smackdown watchable. Like they put all the good superstars like Shinsuke Nakamura on Smackdown, and left people like Roman Reigns on Raw. Now I'm not saying that Raw has no talented people, cause they do. But, when they did the superstar shakeup, Raw lost some of their talent in exchange for no talent.

I'm not a fan of how this all turned out. If they had put more thought into it, and maybe moved some different people over, then it wouldn't be so bad.
One thing that really ticked me off was when they said there would be new rivalries after the shakeup. Which there have been, but some superstars are still in the same rivalry they were before. Like for example, Dean Ambrose is still feuding with The Miz, despite them both being moved over to Raw.

This whole thing is just stupid and ridiculous, and I'm sure most of you who know what I'm talking about would agree.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little opinion piece. I know I enjoyed sharing it.
Thanks for reading.

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