Monday, May 22, 2017

Top 10 Metal bands

  Hey guys.
So this list is Top 10 Metal bands. As you are reading, please keep in mind that this list is not in any specific order. So like greatest to least, or vice versa. It's just in the order I listed the names. So here we go.

1.) Megadeth
Megadeth is a band that resulted from Dave Mustaine's anger after being fired from Metallica. They have done so much for metal, and continue to. They are a perfect example of what good metal should sound like. Honestly, they are my favorite metal band. But they deserve the number one spot because they are well respected, and legendary. They are also immortal because their music never gets old.

2.) Iron Maiden
What metal fan doesn't up the irons?! Yes, the almighty Iron Maiden is at number 2. I just love air guitaring to classics such as "Number of the Beast" and "Fear of the Dark". Iron Maiden is definitely another perfect example of what a metal band should sound like.

3.) Metallica
Another band from the big 4, we have Metallica. One of the most well known metal bands, even among non metal fans. Metallica has done quite a bit for metal too, though some would disagree. But they've had great albums such as "The Black album"(or Metallica) and "And Justice for All..."

4.) Pantera
Though I am not a fan of Pantera, I am putting them on the list because they are another great metal band. Plus, this is top 10 metal bands. Not, my personal top 10. Anyway, the guitar work of DimeBag Darrel is unlike any other. There will never be another. It just blows my mind how great he is.

5.) Stuck Mojo
A band that is not very well known, but is a great rap/metal band. Stuck Mojo is known as the band that founded rap/metal, and paved the way for other rap/metal bands. I'm not a fan of rap, but I love this band. They put more aspect on the metal, and their music is great. So if you are looking for something new, then check this band out.

6.) Black Sabbath
Ah, a classic band with some really great songs. Black Sabbath. Nuff said.

7.) Judas Priest
Another influential metal band. One that is very loved by most of the metal community. They are well respected.

8.) Motley Crue
Another personal favorite of mine. Was sad that their reign of awesomeness had to end, but at least their music and legacy will live on. If you haven't checked them out, then do yourself a favor. Trust me. They're good.

9.) Anthrax
One of the big 4 of metal alongside Slayer. Megadeth and Metallica. Anthrax is another rap/metal band.

10.) Slayer
The last of the big 4. I'm personally not a fan because I don't like christian metal, but they are part of the big 4. So, nuff said.

I hope you guys enjoyed this list. I enjoyed sharing it with you guys.
Thanks for reading. Be forever metal.

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