Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Extermination Band

                                               Extermination band

 So for those of you who are a fan of Thrash/Heavy metal, I've got a recommendation. There's this band called Extermination, and they are amazing. Their music reminds me of Megadeth. Like, I can hear a little Megadeth influence in the instrumental part of each song. Which is pretty cool because some bands will say they were influenced by another band, but you don't hear a trace of that influence in their music. But this band is different.
One thing that was different about listening to their music, was that a couple of the songs on their EP didn't have lyrics. I normally don't like instrumental, but man, this is good instrumental. The guitars just sound beautiful, in that metal way. Which to me made it worth listening to, despite the lack of lyrics.
Then there is the singing. I'm not sure who the lead singer is, but what I do know is that he can sing. His vocals are amazing. The way he can hold a note, just blew me away.
I'm just really impressed with this band. I'm normally not impressed with most up and coming bands, but Extermination is different.
So if you want to check out this band, they have an EP on YouTube called First Blood.
You can also check them out on Twitter @Extermination_1

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Lord Nelson interview

                                                Lord Nelson interview

I had the honor of getting to interview one of Stuck Mojo's front men, Lord Nelson. Enjoy.

So first off, were you in any bands before Stuck Mojo? Maybe just like a brief history of what you did before being in Stuck Mojo.

"Before being in Stuck Mojo I did some Local solo rap music then I linked up with some friends and formed a local group named FIRST PLATOON!  I

Actually saw BONZ at a Mojo show during Pigwalk and fell in love with what they were doing.  BONZ and I have been friends since middle school.  BONZ introduced me to Mojo and thanks to him I was able to join and record two studio albums with them."

Cool. I was actually going to ask how you got into Stuck Mojo, but that answered it also. So my next question is, were you just supposed to do those two albums? Or were planning on doing more with the Stuck Mojo?

"I was just filling in for BONZ.  Stuck Mojo will always be Bonz, Rich, Corey and Frank.  My time as the frontman was magical and has helped me continue my career.  I'm thankful for my opportunity."

So now I want to get your thoughts on Robby J. I've heard a lot of negative feedback of him being in the band. Do you think he will help carry the Stuck Mojo legacy?

"Well I believe he is super talented and I can see the direction Mojo is going in.  No one will ever replace Bonz's greatness.  His legacy is stamped and branded in the hearts and minds of Mojo fans forever and I understood that from the start.  I hope Robby goes out there and gives them Robby and Robby only like I gave them Lord Nelson.  He just has to do him and let the chips fall where they may."

I agree about him being super talented. I actually did an interview with him and could see the passion he has, so I'll think he'll do well. Final question: do you have any projects that you're working on and would like to talk about?

"Right now I'm fronting the band No Power No Crown.  http://NOPOWERNOCROWN.COM 
We released an album The Wake Up Call and have been performing regionally.  I also had a solo album Fight!  My Struggle Between Heaven And Hell!  Lord Nelson Featuring Lies released back in 2012.  You can check it out at http://Lordnelsonnation.bandcamp.com 

I've also started and independent label 5 ROYALS ENT.  With my first artist Rapper J SPALDING.  I'm staying busy."  

Check out these videos




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Friday, February 24, 2017

Have you heard?

                                                Have you heard?

Have you heard of The Struts? If not, then don't miss out. Cause this band is amazing. No joke. Their lead singer Luke Spiller, not only looks like a young Freddie Mercury; he also sings like Freddie Mercury. If you don't believe me, then when you're done reading this post, go to YouTube and type in, The Struts Could have been me.
Now I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to like this band. I'm not really into newer bands, whether they've been around since 2000, or a couple years. I like listening to 80's and 90's rock and metal. But, I grew up listening to Queen. So when I heard this band, I was excited.
I love discovering a band that is really good, because I want to listen to new stuff, but I don't like most of what I try listening to.  But The Struts is definitely one of those good bands. I'm honestly not sure how else to describe their music. I guess you should just listen and see for yourself.
Also, if you end up liking could have been me, then check out their album "Everybody Wants." You'll enjoy it too.

So there you go. A recommendation for those who want something new and different than what they're used to. If you want more recommendations, or want to talk about The Struts, then leave a comment. Or, hit me up on Twitter @MJWesney. I would love to hear your feedback, not only on this post, but also on my blog in general.
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Megadeth Grammy reaction

                                          Megadeth Grammy Reaction

                They say the impossible is possible. I agree, as long as you stick to whatever impossible thing you're trying to accomplish. To some people, something might seem impossible if you keep trying but don't succeed. A lot of people felt this way about Megadeth winning a Grammy. Time and time again they were nominated, but with no result. Until this year. Finally after 12 times, Megadeth won a Grammy.
It was very cool to see them accept this award they've worked so hard for. But just because it took them this long to get a Grammy, doesn't mean they suck.
When you look at how long they've been around, plus how many albums they've released and sold, you'll realize that those facts speak for themselves. You don't always need an award to prove that you're good at something, and that's the case here.
But still, like a lot of people, I was very happy to watch the video of them accepting the award. It's also nice to see Dave so happy. He's gone through so much crap in his life, that it's nice to see him enjoying it. It's moments like these that make me feel confident. So confident that I feel like I can accomplish anything. I feel that moments like these don't happen that often, so I try to enjoy them while they last.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fozzy new album

                                              Fozzy new album

So Fozzy's new album is coming out in May, and like most people, I'm very excited to see what's in store. So to hype up the album, I want to talk about how far Fozzy has come.
They started off as a cover band, claiming that bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest along with others, stole their songs while Fozzy was in Japan. Not only that, but they also had their own gimmicks. Chris Jericho was Moongoose McQueen, and Rich Ward was Duke LaRue. The whole thing was ridiculous and no one took them seriously.
Forward to 2005 when they released "All that Remains". This is when they decided to drop the gimmick and show the world that they could be a band. And they showed it with an all original album.
Now here we are. It's 2017 and Fozzy is still a band, that though is not very well known, is pretty successful. I would also say they have definitely earned respect. I mean, when you think about their journey, it's cool to see how they went from a so called "joke", to this serious band. Whether you like them or not, you have to hand it to the guys for sticking to what they believed in, instead of taking the easy way out and giving up.
This is why I love Fozzy. Because they have proved that hard work comes a long way. Cause like I said, album coming in May. The seventh one. Very, very excited to see what it will sound like. I did check out the two little snippets Jericho posted on Instagram, and I've got to say, they sounded amazing. Especially the second snippet, which I think is called Judas. It's so heavy. It also got stuck in my head, even though it was only like 14 seconds. I want to listen to the whole thing so bad.
Anyway, big shout out to Fozzy. Thank you for showing us that you shouldn't give up your dream, and that you can prove people wrong.
Cause like the wise Paul Stanley once said, "The people who tell you you can't do something are people who have failed themselves."

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

From fan to front man

                                           Robby J Interview

I had the pleasure of getting to interview Stuck Mojo's new front man, Robby J Fonts. Enjoy

What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

"Growing up as a kid, I listened to a lot of my dad's music. He was into The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Ac/DC, Queen, Rush, Santana, Rick James, Pink Floyd and Elvis Presley to name a few.  When I got older and began discovering the music I liked, I prematurely started listening to punk and pop punk bands that were popular at the time like Rancid, blink 182, The Offspring, Sum 41, Green Day, The Ramones, Bad Religion, Billy Talent. But then I really started getting into metal, nu metal, hardcore, deathcore, death metal and old school hip hop. My favorite bands and artists became Slipknot, Stuck Mojo, System of a Down, The Black Dahlia Murder, As I lay Dying, Underoath, Hatebreed, Fozzy, DMX, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Big L, Rage against the Machine, Run-DMC, Eminem, 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Wu Tang Clan, Pantera, Whitechapel and Suicide Silence. I really grew up with just a diverse amount of styles and artists.

I basically started off with a base in classic hard rock, then took an interest in faster paced music,  and my tastes evolved into more aggressive and heavier sounds as a became a teenager, that's what I really got passionate about."

Ok, next question. Was there a band or musician that made you want to be in a band?

"Yes, seeing Corey Taylor being a maniac on stage, the humor and energu from Trevor Strnd from The Black Dahlia Murder and Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence were my favorite frontmen at the time and they all made me want to become a frontman."

So is one of those guys your role model, or is it someone else?

"In terms of vocal influences and stage presence, yes all three of those guys have influenced me as a vocalist and a performer. But in terms of role models, I feel that you have to have a personal relationship with someone for them to be role models. So my role models growing up and to this day have been both my grandfathers and my mother. My paternal grandfather taught me to be kind, humble and generous. My maternal grandfather taught me how to work hard, know my worth, toughened me up and taught me to stand up for myself. While my mother basically taught me all my basic life skills, things like how to manage money, clean, cook and pushed me to be the best person I can possibly be."

That's nice to hear. Family in my opinion is probably the best when it comes to role modeling. Now you mentioned stuck mojo earlier. What does it mean to you to be their new frontman?

"It's a dream come true. I always believed that I'd end up being a part of a touring band in the music industry, I just never imagined I'd end up becoming the frontman for one of my favorite bands and especially a band that is regarded as a pioneer in a genre of music. Mojo being pioneers in rap metal. It's crazy. I had big shoes to fill replacing Bonz who's such an iconic frontman because of the legacy he helped create with Stuck Mojo, and working on a follow-up album to Lord Nelson's work, so it's a ton of pressure, but very rewarding. We recently played the 70000 Tons of Metal Cruise and we had Michael Amott of Arch Enemy & Chuck Billy of Testament come up to Rich and Frank before our sets on the cruise and watched us play. It's surreal playing in a band with guys you grew up listening to, and then having these other incredible artists you also grew up listening to and they come out to see you play. Stuck Mojo may not be the most well known band on the planet, but the band has earned a ton of respect over the years from their peers and that means a lot to now be a part of such a group. I still feel like I haven't earned that respect for myself yet and I still have a long road ahead of me to get there and although it's challenging being in my spot, it motivates me further to be the best frontman I can possibly be and I push myself everytime whether in the studio or on stage to live up to the Stuck Mojo name. It's an incredible honor and it means the world to me to be able to be here. I'm very blessed and grateful for it all."

I just want to say, i think you are perfect for Stuck Mojo and I think you are going to do well. Staying on the topic, what is is like working with Rich Ward?

"Thanks! I appreciate hearing that. Rich Ward is an incredible musician and an all around great man. He's very passionate in what he does. For some people, his passion might make it difficult for them to work with him, but I flourish with it. For the writing of "Here Come The Infidels", he had most of the instrumentals written by the time I came into the picture. I asked him what he wants each song's theme to be about and he'd give me a basis for them then I'd come up with my lyrics and we'd trade ideas back and forth with each other. It was a great and productive experience working with Rich. If there was anything he didn't like, he'd let me know right away and he never sugar coats anything. He gets straight to the point so that he gets the best results out of people. And Rich constantly wants to better himself which is very admirable for someone who's been in the business for so long. I always figured most dudes who are still doing this at his age don't care as much about the music or themselves and kind of just put out anything they feel like or let themselves go, but Rich's attitude is that the next record he releases will be better than his last and he takes good care of his health. He's always eating healthy and does whatever he can to stay fit. If you've ever seen The Duke live, you don't need me to tell you that he moves better than most people my age! Hell, I even had a hard time keeping up with him at our first gigs. But seeing him give it 110% no matter what he's doing is definitely inspiring. He makes everybody in the band step up thanks to his attitude. It goes without saying that Rich has been a huge influence on me musically and as a person. He's been showing me the ropes of the industry ever since I joined the band and I'm always learning from him every time we're working together. Couldn't ask for a better band mate and songwriting partner than The Duke of Metal himself."

That's awesome to hear. Ok, final question. Do you have any goals music wise? So like, is their a tour you want to headline? Or maybe a band you would like to tour with?

"In terms of music industry goals, since Rich and Frank have Fozzy, I wouldn't mind working on a brand new project outside of Stuck Mojo. I just love writing and recording new music so I'd love to start working on more material and put more albums out with Stuck Mojo or any other project I end up becoming a part of. I love playing festivals, it's always a great time, so any festival we can get on, I'll take it! One festival that I especially would love to play would be "Heavy Montreal". Playing that festival in my hometown would be yet another dream come true for me. So hopefully one day! Ahh there's so many great bands out there. We have such a unique style of music that we don't really fit in anywhere, yet because of it, we can tour with pretty much any heavy band out there and the tour package would work. But if I had to pick one tour package that I think would be dope, it would be a Hatebreed/Stuck Mojo tour. I'd love to hit the road with those guys and fans would definitely have to come wearing a helmet and full body armor to those shows. I think it would be pretty cool to see us both. Who knows what'll happen! Just looking forward to us getting our feet back on the ground and getting the band back to touring regularly again."

Big thanks to Robby J for taking the time to do this interview. Check him out on twitter @robbyJFonts. For future updates on my blog, follow me on twitter @MJWesney.